Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Look Into These Owl Eyes

For a long time, I've eagerly anticipated posting this pair of matching buttons in a highly polished tone of deep brown unusualness known by Bakelite connoisseurs as Mississippi Mud. What sets this color of Bakelite apart from plain chocolate brown are the veinlike traces of black that are strewn into the mix. Making these buttons even more special are the dramatic carvings going around them, suggesting expressive owl eyes encircled by well-groomed plumage. Furthermore, someone took great care of these treasures as they show almost no sign of their Depression-era heritage. Buffed to an extraordinary shine, these might be the glossiest brown buttons I own. Every time I rummage through my collection, I find these unblinking peepers staring at me with a jarring and reflective intensity. 

-Sherbert McGee   

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