Friday, December 30, 2016

Dos Chihuahuas

Gallivanting in Mexico, I'm still on holiday in Cancun and today seems like a good day to celebrate Chihuahuas. Here are two of them in red Bakelite and rootbeer Bakelite. These are larger sized buttons and technically, they are probably not Chihuahuas. They are more likely Scottish Terriers, which were quite a fashionable breed of dog at the time these buttons came into being back in the 1920's or 30's.
Buttons aside, I do happen to own a couple of real-life Chihuahuas and here they are: Fritz (left) and Zeus (right). Fritz will be twelve next year and Zeus will be four. Small dogs with mucho spunk, what I love about Chihuahuas is their huge personalities. A Chihuahua will never bore you. At heart, they're just little clowns with fur. And despite a reputation for being temperamental, if you raise them correctly they are quite affectionate. 

-Sherbert McGee

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