Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Perfect Pair of Square Red Buttons

Back when I first started collecting Bakelite buttons, I ventured once into a dumpy little antique store in Teaneck, New Jersey and found these eye-catching beauties on sale as a set for a shockingly cheap price of only 5 smackeroos! Hailing the cashier, I said, "Ma'am, these buttons are priced unreasonably low for genuine Bakelite." She said, "What's Bakelite?" Needless to say, I snapped up these cherry babies at an incredible steal of a deal. I love the vivid "lipstick shine" of these keepers and the ideal amount of patina that rests in the squiggly carvings across their ribboned midsections. These are the first red Bakelite buttons I ever owned and they are among my all-time favorites.

-Sherbert McGee    

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