Thursday, March 17, 2016

Stylized Shamrock

This morning I dug through my bucket-o'-buttons and settled on this futuristic clover with its sharp design and Celtic pluck. A leprechaun's loss, there's a dusty green vest somewhere in Dublin that's missing a piece. If this lucky button seems oddly shiny, that's because it's coated in an old glaze (a lamination of some sort), but it does test positive for Bakelite. Given the fact that I'm Irish, I present this button with one of my all-time favorite limericks:

'Twas a crazy old man called O'Keef
Who caused local farmers much grief.
To their cows he would run,
Cut their legs off for fun
And say, "Look I've invented ground beef!"

Happy Saint Patrick's Day,
-Sherbert McGee   

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