Friday, March 18, 2016

100 Days of Buttons

Feast your peepers on a big fat, three-colored masterwork of genuine Bakelitestraight out of the Roaring Twenties (if not the Screeching Thirties). This button is laboriously carved, thickens in the middle and oozes all the vintage vitality of the Gatsby era's most seductive plastic. Hitting jackpots like this is why I rummage through antique shops across the country in search of Bakelite. On that note, this particular button marks my 100th post on this up-and-coming website. 

Brace yourselves, peeps! This blog is just getting started.

-Sherbert McGee  


  1. Great Button, thank you for fun pictures and information.

  2. Thank YOU for the compliment and for visiting my blog. Have a good day!