Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Green Ones are Delicious Too

Bakelite buttons often give prominence to a bold carving--frequently a floral scheme or a stylized design. Sometimes the carving is painted. This green button, depicting a stemmed clover, still has a faint residue of gold paint resting in its carved details. I can only imagine the snazzy vest that this might've been part of once.

Bakelite buttons are hard to find because there aren't too many of them left in the world. If you own one, consider it a treasure! It's taken me years to build up my collection. I bought this green beauty from my friend Doreen in Michigan. Doreen is my "lucky charm" when it comes to finding Bakelite buttons. She runs a store out of her home and has been selling vintage buttons for years. I'll be mentioning her frequently on this blog--and even though this is not a platform for selling buttons, whenever I refer to Doreen I'll be sure to include a link to her online shop. It's called "Buttons from the Attic" and is brimming with eyefuls of the finest Bakelite around.

Visit Doreen's online store

-Sherbert McGee    

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