Thursday, November 12, 2015

Navajo Sunburst

Every now and then I find a button that feels like it has something to say. This is one of those buttons. Notwithstanding a few dings and bruises, this button radiates wise vibes and hidden stories. The butterscotch tone of the Bakelite has darkened over the years to an almost adobe mustard and when I rub my thumb over the surface, I'm pretty sure there's some ancient juju emanating from the crisscross design and bow-carved details. Construction-wise, this button reminds me of the Native American Indian art I used to see everywhere when I lived in Arizona, or a road trip I went on once through Taos, New Mexico. Whatever its origins, this button is definitely in a Southwestern mood. Also, I don't mind that it's a tad battered. For me, that's part of the mystery.

-Sherbert McGee


  1. I really enjoy your postings. I am also a button collect and l have to say I appreciate your page.


  2. I love reading this blog! Your photos make each button so special, and it is wonderful reading to learn more about each one. Thanks for sharing!