Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Awesome Moss Blossom

Here's a button that dreams of becoming an artichoke. The color of this Bakelite is called moss, though some collectors call it split pea soup. It's a combination of green and brown with marbled veins of black. Some of my moss buttons have an almost amphibious vibe while others remind me of strange vegetables. This one sports a trefoil design with etchings on the leaves. I love how a hunk of old plastic can seem so organic. Some of my weirdest Bakelite buttons are of this moss variety. They are the goblins of my collection.

-Sherbert McGee  


  1. This color is so often overlooked, but I love the organic feel. Your collection is so interesting!

  2. Learned something new today and that is the color of this one is called moss!

  3. Like the name of this moss green.
    Great buttons and fun blog