Thursday, September 29, 2016

Painted Apple Juice: Over the Top!

Ostentatious is the word for this button, a button overdone with slants and facets galore. At the base of this wonderful creation, grooved lines were filled in with a silver-blue paint job that translates to the button's surface in an almost zebraesque motif of major STYLE. Buttons nowadays are devoid of glamour and here's everything we've devolved away from. Thank you, 1929, for these rare and ritzy leftovers of your arresting excess. This is the only button I'm posting this week with a carved bottom and a carved top. The topside is etched with eight chiseled-away blots that add yet another superfluity to this Bakelite bombshell. A chandelier of compact allure, this button's endowed with all the vogue pretenses going back to the Coolidge administration.

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-Sherbert McGee 

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