Monday, September 26, 2016

Painted Apple Juice: Grapes in Green

Last month I mentioned that I'd soon be posting a full week of "Painted Apple Juice Buttons" and so begins that week. This post is the commencement of some of my prettiest Bakelite and rarest too. Painted a dusty green, the deeply carved grapes on the bottom of this button are slightly magnified when looked at from the top view. I'm smitten by painted AJ buttons and this one's a sacred prize in that it epitomizes the defining swank and style of the 1920's known, famously, as Art Deco. Seldom do I photograph the undersides of my vintage keepsakes, but here is a second photo (below) that shows this button's carved and painted respects:

Stay tuned! More painted apple juice buttons all this week.

-Sherbert McGee 

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