Monday, September 5, 2016

Oddball: Front & Back

Normally I don't show the backsides of my buttons. How indelicate! But today I just had to take a picture of this boggling anomaly: front and back. The button is a transparent orb made of apple juice Bakelite with a glob of chocolate locked inside. Viewed from the top, something uncanny happens as the laws of physics cause the brown nucleus of the button to appear in two tonesor a dark brown blob hovering in its lighter brown shadow. This effect gives the button the look of a wide-open eyeball. Flip it over and see the truth. Viewed from the back, the button is flattened with the brown section merely a simple and singular component. It's a tricky button with a surreal knack. And a rarity from the 1920's!  

-Sherbert McGee

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