Friday, April 28, 2017

Layered Circus Cake

A lucky button for sure, this animated doozy sports an eyeful of bright plastic pieces topped with a scarlet bead. The bead is not Bakelite. It's probably a type of plastic called casein. The only Bakelite section of this button is the layer below the bead, which is catching gobs of sunlight in this photo. Color-wise, this piece is orange juice Bakelite with plenty of visible swirling. The three lower layers did not test positive for Bakelite and I believe they are also made of casein. There's a circus-like charm about this perky button. It reminds me of a little cake and it works nicely as a cheerer-upper. It's hard to put a date on this one, but it might go back to the early 1940's.

-Sherbert McGee

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