Friday, February 10, 2017

Green Ribbons/Mental Health Awareness Buttons

It's awards season and celebrities are wearing all kinds of ribbons on their designer lapels to bring awareness to AIDS, breast cancer, Hodgkin's disease and countless other rampant maladies of the 21st Century. On that note, today I'm posting a set of bright green ribbon-shaped buttons from the early 1930's and boy are they spiffy! (SIDE NOTE: Later this month I'll be spotlighting an entire week's worth of Bakelite buttons that take on specific shapes, i.e. screw-shaped buttons and buttons shaped like salt shakers and so on). I should point out that these antiquated greenies were not made to tout awareness for any specific cause, but having done a little research on the subject, I've learned that nowadays green ribbons are the symbol for mental health awareness. So if you're a sane person, here's an idea: be grateful for your sanity. Try not to throw the word "crazy" around too mindlessly out of respect for people who struggle with certifiable mental instability. To wrap things up, I'll end today's post with a poem, which touches on the topic of dementia and grand hysteria. Titled, Lost Myself Again, I wrote this poem when I was in high school after reading the book "Sybil" by Flora Rheta Schreiber.

I think I've lost myself again.
My train is off its track.
I've scooted off to who-knows-where?
I hope that I'll be back.

I must have slipped away from me
While gazing at the moon
And now I don't know where I've gone.
Perhaps I'll find me soon?

For all I know, I'm on a bus
Or maybe I'm at sea?
I'm not sure where I put myself
Or what's become of me.

Here's hoping if I close my eyes
And slowly count to ten, 
I'll turn the key that opens me
And find myself again.  

-Sherbert McGee

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