Friday, January 27, 2017

Lime Jell-O Rocker w/ Foil

Rarely do I post more than one photo of my buttons here, but this rare and exceptional chunk of kryptonite demands to be shown from a top view, as well as a bottom angle. The button is a clear brand of green Prystal Bakelite, which glows like a slice of lime Jell-O. I describe this button's shape as a "rocker" since it see-saws when laid down on its arched side (see photo at right). But what really sets this button apart from the rest is the fragment of tinfoil that was baked inside the plastic at the time of its manufacture. Now rusty and tarnished, the fossilized tinfoil glistens through the green Prystal like an exotic biohazard or a grotesque mass of blighted space junkjagged, scruffy and no doubt a shade corroded. It's a little bit hideous, but a little bit beautiful too. Purchased from my friend Doreen, who's always finding these rogue specimens of Bakelite at its uncanniest, this amazing button fascinates me to the core of its mangled green heart.

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-Sherbert McGee    


  1. Me too, Aprille. There's so much variety of green Bakelite.