Friday, January 20, 2017

Half-and-Half with MOP

Half apple juice Bakelite and half mother of pearl, I've backed this button up with a black necktie that I keep set aside for the grim purpose of wakes and funerals. Thankfully, I don't attend very many services for the dead and much prefer this necktie as a dressy setting for rare buttons. Aside from enriching my collection of Bakelite, this button is a souvenir from my travels. In 2012, I took a trip to England and purchased this particular button in the Notting Hill district of west London at the very trendy Portobello Road Market, famous for its antiques from around the world. The seller was an affable British lady who told me she'd purchased this button at an antique shop during her travels to New York City in 1982. Hence this 1920's-era button departed the good ole USA, lived abroad for 30 years and then came back to America with me. There's a slight defect in the Bakelite that's visible in the lower left corner, but what do I care? This twofold button is a well-traveled vision in debonair grooves and an iridescent comeliness. 

-Sherbert McGee

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