Saturday, July 15, 2017

Oddities in Orange

Upon the discovery of these oddball buttons, I jumped nine feet backwards and yelled, "Gadzooks!" at the top of my lungs. Unlike anything I've ever seen, each button's saucer-like base is made of (tested) orange juice Bakelite. The top portions, however, have not been tested because each orb-shaped centerpiece is painted bright orange and I don't want to disturb the paint job, which is already rubbing off in places. With that said, I'm guessing that the top sections are also Bakeliteappearing to be a shade of custard where the paint has receded. Adding to their strange charm, the tops are freckled with small holes. Que your imagination to run wild, but I see cratered little planets or a rare brand of exotic cheese. In a set of three, each button's size is different, furthering the uniqueness of this bizarre batch of Bakelite. circa 1932.

-Sherbert McGee    

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