Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Celluloid on Bakelite

Talk about a button with a flipside! From the top view, this dual oddity sports a shimmery slab of strange plastic. My friend Doreen helped me identify the material as a "pearlized sheet celluloid embellishment." The embellishment sits on a smooth base of Kelly green Bakelite. Although the wavy effect of the celluloid gives this button an eye-catchingly abstract feature, it's the Bakelite underside that wins my love. Big surprise there, right?

PLASTIC FUSIONS: Next month I'm going to post a full week of rare and peculiar buttons made of Bakelite, which were factory-enhanced with non-Bakelite plastics. Consider today's post a preview for this pending week of vintage plastic combos. Stay tuned...

-Sherbert McGee     

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