Monday, November 7, 2016

The Exuberant Zebra

Another button that defies practicality in favor of outlandish style, this mammoth zebra is a showy beast of a button. Very large and slightly elongated, the design of this flamboyant work-of-art is downright bonkers. A real poverty-mocker, when this button outlived the 1920's it laughed at the hardships of Depression-era vagabonds in their lackluster jackets. Brother, Can You Spare a Button? Wildly striped and bedazzled, this life-of-the-party is apple juice Bakelite with silver glitter drizzled throughout the central component. The darker sections, though hard to examine in the brightness of this photo, are strips of dark moss Bakelite. A major knockout if there ever was one.

-Sherbert McGee  

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