Monday, July 18, 2016

ART DECO: Style Attack

Today begins my blog's week-long rave of Art Deco buttons from the 1920's and I'm leading off with this sensational dish made of lime juice Bakelite featuring a nub of creamed corn Bakelite that's been strapped to the center with a pair of silver bands. This is hardly a petite button, measuring about two inches across. And not counting Bette Davis's cigarette holder, what could be more vogue? The look here is classic Jazz Age chic. Bakelite of any kind is rare, but "lime juice" Bakelite is an especially hard-to-find truffle. Look at those whirling green galaxies! This token of the times roars high hats and Park Avenue, circa you-know-exactly-when. 

-Sherbert McGee

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