Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Stellar Chocolate

My mother-in-law paid me a visit recently and knowing I'm a Bakelite enthusiast, she brought along a tin full of buttons in case one of them turned out to be the desired plastic. What luck! Not one, but two of her buttons tested positive for Bakelite and this is one of thema starry stunner in chocolate with a brass strip adorning the top. My mother-in-law owned this coat fixture for many years, having bought a medley of vintage buttons from a shop on Spadina Avenue in Toronto back when she was a carefree, Canadian hippie with a taste for heritage clutter. Anyway, all these years later it would seem I've inherited this chocolate star and since it comes directly from kin, I'll consider it a family jewel of sorts. Thanks, Ma! I'll guard it from thieves.

-Sherbert McGee 

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